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No one can do it alone! At Band of Brothers Martial Arts and Fitness we are constantly updating our learning and training with the best national and international instructors and coaches available! Our programs have a deep and rich cultural history and these are links to many of our teachers, coaches and instructors as well as fellow martial artists.

Our friends, supporters, and affiliations

At Band of Brothers we believe the martial arts and fitness should be a life long journey that enriches our lives. Many of the folks listed here have assisted and joined us on that journey. We thank our supporters and appreciate them sharing the journey with us.

Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts

ph. 310 578 7773

Minnesota Kali Group

ph. 612 821 6800


Thai Boxing Association of the USA

ph. 269.555.1212

American Fitness Proffesioanals & Associates

ph. 1.800.494.7782

Luis Palhares BJJ

ph. 1.904.374.6768

The Mushin Academy of Martial Arts Battle Creek, MI

ph. 507.380.2223

Team 1 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bloomington

Team 1 BJJ on Facebook

ph. 309.530.2660

Boost Digital (our digital marketing wizards)

ph. 507.380.2223

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